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    Learn Nail Art, Design & Trends For Manicures and Pedicures!

Welcome to Got Nails University


Start Your New Career, Today!

Learn Nail Art, Design & Trends For Manicures and Pedicures!

We are so PROUD to Announce

Ms. Audrey & Ms. Choima

We have secured the location for our new Got Nails University educational center and Salon!!!  We are now accepting registration for all classes and courses and are excited to offer the chance for you to become a licensed Nail Tech and begin an amazing career in this excited industry.  RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!!!

Technical Areas Covered Include:


You will have a solid foundation of basic and advance skills that will set you apart from the average nail technician!  We will equip you with the essential tools and knowledge to acquire and maintain a consistent flow of clientele in this ever so evolving industry. You will be the “demand” who will “supply” the need!  You will also learn and master the fundamentals of what true entrepreneurship and nail tech life is all about,  from providing healthy nail care services to business branding!  Got Nails University is a trail blazing professional institution that focuses on educating and motivating those who like to march to the beat of their own drum!

The registration fee and the kit fees are non-refundable and must be paid prior to enrollment. These fees ensure availability and supplies for the date the student plans to attend.

Check out our students on Fridays & Saturdays to book an appointment with them. We want to give them valuable experiences by servicing you! CALL US FOR PRICING AND BOOKING

Learn and Master:

  • Nail Art and Design
  • Nail enhancements! Nail Shaping!
  • Gels & Acrylics Design Techniques!
  • Time Management
  • Electric filing!
  • Everything Nail Art!
  • Nail Tech business!
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Client Retention



Nail art is today’s scene stealer and just as much part of an outfit as a pair of shoes. So if you want to up your manicuring game and gift your clients with the same jaw-dropping nail designs they see on their favorite Hollywood stars, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques of the nail art trade

Nail art is a relatively broad term, but it really just means creating unique, artistic designs with the nails as the canvas. It can involve glitter, decals, stencils, and pen designs, along with stamping, sponging, dotting, and taping.

In short, nail art is only limited by your creativity as a nail technician.

Audrey J Jefferson aka @gotnailsbycoco, is a life time entrepreneur. She’s been a licensed nail tech since the tender age of 17, but has been practicing nails since a child, doing her grandmother’s press on Nails. She dropped out of high school to work full time at a salon because at that time she was making at least $1,000 weekly & of course at 17, you think you’re rich with type of money (She eventually got her GED). Before that she was, just a kid (13/14 yrs old) hustling in her best friend’s mother’s kitchen doing nails while she did hair, in her hometown of Nashville, Tn. She always had a dream to move to Houston, Tx & she move to Houston, with her 2 year old daughter & began to start her nail business. It started out slow & then with consistency & quality work, her nail clientele reach limits that she didn’t reach in Nashville. While in Houston, she has opened 2 salons, Got Nails Nailtique & have serviced celebrities such as Fantasia, Keyshia Cole, & Kim Burrell to name a few.

Audrey’s ultimate goal was to become a licensed nail instructor, where her passion is to educate nail technology & open a school to license individuals to provide nail care services, in Texas. Audrey closed Got Nails Nailtique to pursue her passion in education by opening her first school, Got Nails University. Got Nails University is on it’s way to be an atmosphere for learning nail techniques, marketing techniques, art, business branding, & more. She also recently opened another nail salon called “Trust Thy Nail Tech Studios” for students to receive not only employment but also mentorship to assist them on their journey to success. Audrey’s mission is to create a platform for nail techs to be educated, inspired, motivated & truly supported.

If You are Interested in More Info … Contact us today!!!

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As a Nail Technician for over 20 years, I’ve learned the ins and outs of building a successful business. I have arranged several tutorials that can help you start your own business and take your marketing to another level. Check out the testimonials from my past students!

 My mission/ purpose is to create a platform for other nail techs to be educated, inspired, motivated & truly supported.

Scheduled Weekly Conference Calls

Weekly calls with Audrey Jefferson (Coco) to discuss business questions.

Procedural Emails & Links

Educational downloads with information to help sustain the knowledge you need for your business.

Educational Downloads

Educational downloads with companion literature.

Access to Classes

Access to a minimum of 4 classes. Without the mentorship, classes are $100/hr.

Testimonials from former Mentees

Audrey J is an angel with an energy that lights up the whole room. Her patience with me was so comforting even when I didn’t catch on so fast.  Shes a beast!

I took the mentoring classes from Ms. Coco and she really helped me step my game up. My clients are really impressed with my new skills.