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Acrylic Application 101 – E-Book/Video



Let’s get into this acrylic application Video Ebook & Video combo. If you’re a beginner nail tech or just a nail tech who needs some refreshing, this video/ebook combo was created with you in mind.

In this video, Instructor Coco will be instructing you on:

  1. Proper
  2. Precise
  3. Crisp
  4. Non-lifting acrylic application
  5. How to use your time wisely

Coco said” I want to give you guys a visual on how i achieve my crisp & precise coffin sets, before I shape to create the total look. We are like mini architects. When doing enhancements, it always starts with your prep & foundation. The better your foundation, the better your timing. My suggestion while viewing the video to watch video, read the explanation on why, & then execute what you just saw me do. It’s like I’m there with you!!!!”


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